Phaendar is the largest city of Lowyr and home to a population of over 100,000. At its center is Al-Phaendar, also known as the Castle of Infinite Kings, a massive structure that spans for miles. This is where the Queen resides. The population of Al-Phaendar is itself that of a small city with a population of 5,000. This consists mostly of government officials, high ranking noble families and the servants who cater to them.

There are three other wards that surround Al-Phaendar.


Ul-Phaendar suffered the most after the recent orc attacks. Never the richest ward, Ul-Phaendar became home to impoverished and forgotten and somewhere where organized crime could run rampant. It consists of poorly maintained or abandoned buildings. The City Watch who are assigned to Ul-Phaendar do little to improve the situation. Some believe that they are on the payroll of the organized crime lords.


Referred to as “True Phaendar” by its citizens, El-Phaendar is where the men and women of the second class call home. El-Phaendar is home to some of the best craftsmen and artisans in Lowyr. Its market is bustling with merchants looking to make a break in Phaendar. It is also the location of the government buildings that manage Phaendar’s affairs.


Built around Rhyria University, Il-Phaendar might as well be named after it. Many of the students who reside in this ward do not even know the rest of Phaendar exists. Il-Phaendar is its own ecosystem. The university takes up roughly 70% of the ward while the rest are stores and facilities to accommodate the residents. Where as Arcanesburgh focuses on the practical applications of magic and technology, Rhyria focuses more on the humanities. Still Rhyria wizards are nothing to sneeze at, despite what Arcanesburgh mages might have you think.


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