Earl Gray Tea

A Halfling Rogue with larceny in his heart




Earl’s first memories were acting as a shill for the older kids. He always looked younger than he was, even as an adult, he can be mistaken for a youth. He would start screaming for his mother down by the river where people arrived on boats and barges or near the outdoor food stalls. When the adults all came running, the other children would crowd in too, harvesting what they could lift from the unsuspecting adults. When one of them noticed a missing money pouch, all the kids would vanish. One of the oldest girls in the Kids Clan would come running up to Earl saying soothing words and how mama was worried sick.

The Kids Clan was the only family that Earl remembered. He would daydream that he had been kidnapped and had seen it happen to a few of the younger kids in the Clan. But most of the kids were orphans or unwanted children sent out to fend for themselves. The clan was part of the Thieves Guild. The guild gave them a dry place to stay in exchange for a large cut of the daily money harvest. The kids also stole food and other necessities and worked out a plan for divvying up the chores. One child was the contact with the Guild, usually the oldest. Earl was the youngest contact as he was better at bargaining than the older children. He became a favorite of the guild and had several mentors in the art of relieving a stooge of his money. But he took the most pride in how easily and efficiently he could cut a purse or pick a pocket. He became a master and a full member of the guild at a young age.

His membership did not last long as he didn’t hold still when others would plan deviousness. There were a few that did not like his precociousness and they had him forced from the guild. While most in the guild didn’t care one way or the other, those that did not like him worked together to have him gone. He still has many friends in the guild and a few enemies too.

Earl Gray Tea

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