The established Religion of Lowyr is the Pentarchy, a pantheon of five gods who oversee the lives of mortals. Pentarchs refer to the mortal plane as the Panopticon and feel that their mortal bodies are shackles that keep them here. Death isn’t a viable escape though. Until one proves him or herself to one of the five gods, they are incapable of leaving the mortal realm. They are simply reborn.

While the Pentarchy is five gods, worshipers typically choose to focus on one . This shapes the specific philosophies and beliefs of the worshiper. While most get along, some worshippers, in particularly members of rival churches, can be indignant and downright violent toward one another. There have even been churches disbanded due to crimes committed against other churches.

Creation Myth

Paladrox grew lonely wandering the void so he created two sister goddesses to keep him company, Kyrisalith and Railya. Born out of nothing, the two goddesses were very grateful for their birth. However, both sisters felt that Paladadrox should marry one of them. Torn between the two sisters, Paladadrox picked one at random. He chose Railya. Railya was ecstatic that her father and now husband had picked her. Paladadrox impregnated Rylia, starting life in her oceans.

Kyrisalith wasn’t pleased though. She plotted and schemed while King and Queen were madly in love. She convinced Paladrox that she was the better lover, that she had more to offer than fish and water. Seduced by the Kyrisalith, Paladadrox impregnated her next. Months later Kyrisalith gave birth to the bastard god Khazadon.

Once Railya discovered that Paladrox cheated on her, she lost it. She tried to kill Khazadon but failed, left only with a huge scar across his face. Rylia left shortly thereafter. Blaming Khazadon, he banished his child. Kyrisalith swore loyalty to her child first and foremost though. She nurtured Khazadon. Khazadon then went on to create all humanoid life.

Paladrox, The King

Paladrox, also known as the King, is a huge white dragon with a faint yellow aura. He is the god of order, light and war. He watches the panopticon from his throne in the clouds, looking for humans worthy of release. He is believed to be the god most likely to bless a mortal with ascension. Because of this, he is the most worshiped of the five gods. However, the Paladrox Clergy of the Pentarchy has some of the strictest tenants. Its clerics are held to a strict code.

Domain: Light, War
Alignment: Any Lawful
Weapon: Mace(Light), Warhammer (War)
Symbol: A White Dragon’s head with a yellow aura.

Kyrisalith, The Mother

Kyrisalith is the second most worshiped deity due to her direct relationship with mortals. She is the Goddess of nature and death. She nurtures and cares for all of her children who walk her soil until she decides it is their time. Then she reclaims their bodies and feed them to her new children. Like one’s blood mother, she can be loving and she can be cruel. Clerics, while not unheard of, are uncommon amongst the clergy. Most who wish to pay tribute to Kyrisalith become Rangers or Druids. Even fewer clerics study the darker side or her work, necromancy.

Domain: Nature, Death
Alignment: Any Neutral
Weapon: Scimitar made of bone (Nature), Scythe made from bone (Death)

Khazadon, The Bastard

Khazadon is the third most worshiped deity. He is known as the God of Mortals, and the only one who walks among them. Many theologists believe that Paladrox created the panopticon to trap his son. Khazadon is the god of drink, sex, art and heroics. He loves having a good time and sharing that good time with others. Those looking to enjoy life and live simply flock to Khazadon. He also believes in protecting the downtrodden and weak. Because of this, the impoverished frequently pay tribute to him. The clergy of Khazadon is a motley bunch. From reformed criminals looking to better the world to nomadic barbarians protecting stray villages, just about anyone is accepted.

Domain: Trickery, War
Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good, True Neutral
Weapon: Rapier (Trickery), Zweihander (War)
Symbol: Two swords crossed with a bottle of ale in front of them

Railya, The Queen

The least worshipped of the four main deities, Railya’s anger over her husband’s adultery is still apparent.
Many ships have been swallowed whole by her oceans. Her storms tear the skies asunder and destroy entire civilizations. Railya is mostly worshiped by sailors and merchants looking to gain her blessing and safe voyage. More than 80% of the clergy is funded by various craftsmen guilds. Because of this, she has also sort of become a goddess of commerce and treasure. The clergy has made a significant profit from this interpretation. She too is seen as a goddess of life due to the need for rain and fish. The clerics of Railya are typically stoic and grim, although a select few do have an uplifting demeanor.

Domain: Life, Tempest
Alignment: Any, although tend to lean toward neutral
Weapon: Longarms, often Tridents and Halberds (Either)
Symbol: A bolt of lightning over the ocean

Nehryng, The Infinite

Nehryng is the god of progress, magic and knowledge. Scholars and wizards flock to Nehryng. As recreational education and study becomes more common though with the advent of the printing press, he is gaining more and more worshipers even amongst the commoners. Statistics show that he is going to surpass Railya soon in the number of worshipers. The largest debate between theologists studying the Pentarchy is the interpretation of Nehryng. There are three camps as of now.

The Traditional Interpretation: Nehryng was involved in the original creation myth. Nehryng aided Kyrisalith in coming up with a scheme to seduce Paladrox. He did this to start up the events that led to mortal life, mostly for his own amusement and curiosity. This interpretation imagines Nehryng as a purple and black dragon.

The Newer Interpretation: Some believe the Nehryng isn’t part of the pantheon at all. He is something else entirely, a god of gods who is merely observing the actions of the others. Some have claimed to have communicated with this cosmic creatures, gaining immense power and knowledge. The first to have done this didn’t last terribly long, driven mad by what they saw. Others, dubbing themselves Warlocks, have recreated their experiments and produced some results without losing their sanity. The traditionalist are arguing that this is merely Nehryng’s deception at work.

Lastly: One group believes him to be non-existent and a harmful blotch of the holy word. Mostly zealous Paladrox theologians are pushing this interpretation. They are also lobbying for a boycott of magic as they see it as sacrilegious. This has been mostly in response to the dangerous experiments being performed by the second group. Rumors are beginning to surface that the Paladrox Clergy is training clerics to hunt those who are arcane inclined.

Domain: Knowledge, Trickery
Alignment: Any, although leans toward chaotic
Weapon: Staff (Knowledge), Dagger (Trickery)
Symbol: A black circle with a purple spiral

The Cult of Humanity

They call themselves “The Humanists” but are referred to as the Cult of Humanity by the general public. With the sudden rise in human ruins, a selective group of individuals have started worshiping humanity, the extinct race that wiped itself off the face of the planet centuries ago. They believe the races of Lowyr to be inferior to their ancestors and are looking for any clues or remnants of humanity. Their end goal is to figure out how to create, clone or resurrect a human. While it is heresy to worship any other gods, The Humanists survive due to a loophole: they don’t consider humanity gods, merely superior.


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