The nation of Lorewyr was founded 100 A.U. by a small group of elves looking to rebuild society. These elders would come to be known as the All Father’s and they are worshipped even today. A shrine and temple pays tribute to them in the center of Phaendar.

Conflict blossomed between the indigenous people of the region, the Giants, and the Elves but the giants weren’t as well armed or organized as the elven militias. The giants were all but annihilated. Only small pockets of giant society managed to survive and now live in hiding.

With an abundance of resources, Elven culture flourished. Lorewyr enjoyed an excellent century of bounty. The origin of many intellectual ideas and art can be traced back to these beginning days.

The Iron War

The Dwarven nation of Arkannon, neighboring nation of Lorewyr, invaded roughly 250 A.U. The dwarves, focused on rebuilding society as it was before the unraveling, wanted the resources and the access to the archeological digs of Lorewyr. It was a bloody, grotesque war that lasted half a century. Arkannon didn’t have a tenth of Lorewyr’s population but built an army of sentient, self-aware golems that bolstered their limited numbers. These golems would come to be known as the Unborn due to their artificial origins.

A small team of adventurers managed to infiltrate the Dwarven flying capital of Arkansburg. After fighting an endless armada of golems, they managed to reach the center of the city and cast a high powered spells that destabilized the arcane energy of the magitech city. The massive golem army came crashing to a halt and the elves were able to occupy and conquer Arkannon

Arkannon was disbanded and absorbed by Lorewyr shortly after the end of the war. It took another fifty years to bring dwarven society back to full strength. The ingenuity and inventiveness of the dwarves became a valuable resource though.

The Scaled Age

With dwarven and elven society working together, a new age of prosperity and scientific advancements came to be. This age saw such advancements as the invention of the arkane gauntlet, a device capable of making anyone trained in the arcane arts a wizard. This also saw the commercialization of the Unborn. By optimizing and mass producing their war golems, they were able to make a cheap and affordable labor force. Most importantly though this saw the rise of the Saurian, the lizardfolk who would become Lorewyr’s definitive merchant race.

An indigenous race of the region, they decided to blend and adapt to Elven and Dwarven society instead of fight them like the Giants. There are two particular subspecies. the Crackodile and the naja. The naja hail from the desert regions of what was once Arkannon while the Crackodile are from the swamps. During this period both races began to spread from their natural habitats, building trade routes and business relationships. Most importantly they helped spread saurian business practices, dwarven technology and elven beliefs and structure. Because of their unified power, these three races came to be known as the Trifecta of Lorewyr.

The Saurian established trade routes between other nations too. The naja built relationships with the orcs while the Crackodile formed partnerships with the pechs.

The Orgmarr War

On the fifth moon of 484 A.U. a naja caravan led by a noble family met with a group of Orc nobles to discuss trade routes between Lorewyr and Orgmarr, the Orc nation. The naja had built a fairly fruitful relationship between the Orcs up until this point. Little is known about the incident except for a handful of eyewitness reports, one being an Orc noble who reported that the naja caravan had attacked the orcs. Caught off guard, all but one of the orcs were slaughtered. The naja caravan that was reported to be involved was put to death by orc outrunners. The orcs talk about how the caravan lied about their innocent and begged for their lives. This came to be known as the “Snake Bite Incident” and has earned the naja a terrible reputation since.

What followed is the bloodiest war that Lorewyr had ever seen. Armed with superior weapons, excellent martial training and bolstered by dwarven technology they stole off of corpses, the orcs laid waste to quite a bit of the countryside.

This led Lorewyr to dabble in drastic measures. They began to use magic to splice Elves with other creatures to create a new breed of soldiers. This led to elves capable of flight or with superior strength, They also began dabbling into using magic to uplift goblins, rabid creatures who became surprisingly good combatants once infused with intelligence.

Many felt the King ___ didn’t do enough to bring peace between the orcs or punish the naja enough. Some even called for a naja genocide. Earning the disdain of his followers, King ____ faced not only the orc menace but also insurrection inside his borders. He became extremely paranoid, sometimes putting innocent men to death. He even killed his first love and queen then took a new, much younger queen who had come from life as a peasant.

Eventually, the insurrectionist succeeded in killing the King. Many thought this would spell the end of Lorewyr but the young queen stepped up to her role. She came to be known as the Peasant Queen. Some used the name as an insult. Others found her heritage inspiring. She is now pregnant with the King’s son, the true heir to the throne.

Modern Times

In recent moons, the Peasant Queen has managed to negotiate a peace treaty with the orcs. While the large part of the orc government acknowledges the treaty, there are some who don’t There is still quite a bit of border conflict between Lorewyr or Orgmarr.

This is a hard time for the Government. Some believe the organization that assassinated the King is still strong and are now plotting to kill the Queen. Meanwhile the Crackodile have been working hard at picking up the slack left by the shameful Naja. The dwarves have begun to isolate, partially due to the dissolvement of Naja trade routes but also due to the lack of interest in the war effort.


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