Tael Perinquer


The Elf Diplomat rescued by Earl Grey Tea. Tael hired the party after the events of Annar Hvor to serve as bodyguards and to report what they saw firsthand to the queen. Tael hails from the Perinquer family who run the Perinquer school of martial arts in Rhaendar. Martial arts didn’t suit Tael though. He decided instead to go into politics. Despite his renown as a diplomat, he is seen as the black sheep of the Perinquer family.

Tael is normally cool-headed and gruff but he has a pair of weaknesses that get him into trouble. For one he takes his worship of Khazadon very seriously. He tends to go out of his way to help those in need despite the trouble it may cause his counterparts. In addition he falls in love with any beautiful woman he lay his eyes on. This gets him into a lot of trouble.

Tael has become very attached to the party after their effort to save Annar Hvor, despite their motives not necessarily aligning with his. He has particularly taken a liking to Earl.

Tael Perinquer

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