Syth'k Tiloq

Naja Merchant Nobleman


Trying to prop up the Tiloq family’s waning fortunes, the then Brood Elder surreptitiously made a few decisions that ultimately resulted in the entire family either being put to the sword or cast out completely. With a small amount of luck, the eldest son was able to flee with enough coin to provide a comfortable life for himself outside of Najastan.

That was generations ago. Syth’k has been raised from the shell with tales of glory about his lineage. The palaces of pure gold that cradled the scales perfectly, the endless sheets of silk that caressed the flesh while keeping out the sand, the infinite lines of servants waiting on their betters claw and tail. That life would be his again.

In his youth he set out to Najastan to try and reclaim what his forebearers lost. As he should have expected, he was turned away at the gate. The magnificent skyline only mocking him further.

His pilgrimage failed, Syth’k set out to reclaim what glory he could. Early on, he encountered Kahzra Chi’xle, once an up and coming officer in the city guard that had been caught in the crossfire of some political scuffle or another and was banished as a result. Each one carries bitterness towards Najastan and the lives they lost. But, together, that bitterness feeds on itself, growing ever larger.

They will reclaim their lost nobility, and they have yet to find a price too high to pay.

Syth'k Tiloq

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