Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts

Session 2/2.5

The Heroes of Annar Hvor and the Temporal Imbalance

Annar Hvor is burning…

The party hastily returns to their hometown, the humble fishing town and port of Annar Hvor, which was under siege by a mysterious group of pirates. Meanwhile, the local lord, Alfred Gelb, kept the town militia huddled around his manor. With some quick talking and aggressive diplomacy they managed to convince the lord to relinquish part of his forces. The group was then joined by Oliver, who served as the lord’s counsel on arcane affairs. He told them of the eldritch portal that was swallowing people’s souls above the lighthouse.

A friend in need…with deep pockets… is a friend indeed.

While the snake and orc handled negotiations, Earl managed to infiltrate the "The Smarmy Cleric where the pirates were unwittingly holding a prestigious elf diplomat hostage. He assured the diplomat that he’d be safely rescued. Stepping back out the window, a single misstep alerted a guard to his presence. Earl made haste, falling onto the guard and driving his razor sword through his eye socket. He then scurried back to his comrades

The Battle at the Smarmy Cleric

A massive group of fifteen pirates held “The Smarmy Cleric”. The party responded with similar force though. It was a gruesome battle. Syth’k commanded the town militia. Many died but more pirates than militia. Then reinforcements showed, including a massive ogre wielding a cannon. Kahzra suffered grievous burns at the hand of a pirate wielding alchemist fire. They still held the advantage though. Then…. Shit got weird.

The Temporal Imbalance (i.e. the DM BSOD)

Troxel raged quit Fantasy Craft and switched to 5e.

New Heroes and a familiar criminal

Syth’k and friend vanished in an instant, replaced by a beligerent dwarven cleric, a hulking elf barbarian and a snobby elf wizard. One person remain unchanged though. Earl Grey Tea, the halfling rogue, was unphased except in minor ways. The new group still held the memories and experience of their former selves. The dwarf artificer whose name had been Oliver but was now Mark reminded the party of the dire need to stop the ritual happening at the lighthouse.


The group assaulted the lighthouse, making short work of the remaining pirates. They suffered some wounds but nothing a little healing couldn’t handle. The barbarians charged forward while the other three blasted enemies from afar. Eventually they reached the top of the lighthouse where they found a cultist performing a dark ritual. Her magic didn’t pose much of a threat. The cleric dealt the killing blow which also destroyed the crystal keeping the portal alive. A massive explosion erupted from the sky but the hole in the sky was shut.

A new oppurtunity

A week later, after the parties wounds where healed, they were summoned to Gelb Manor. There the elf diplomat, Tael Perinquer, properly introduced himself and requested their services to escort him to the capital and report what they’d seen first hand to the queen.



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