The kingdom of Lorewyr is a pot waiting to boil over. An imperialistic nation controlled by elven royalty, its paranoid king was recently assassinated leaving a young and inexperienced queen to try and put the pieces back together. She has managed to negotiate a treaty between the orc empire that is thirsty to avenge its fallen comrades. Meanwhile the other races are distracted by their own machinations. The gatormen are busy building a trade empire that spans all of Lorewyr and is looking to sink their teeth into nations across the ocean. The dwarves are too busy with their studies of dead cities and lost technology to be bothered with politics. They hole up in their floating city Arkansburg, built on the coattails of an extinct civilization.

None of that matters to you though. You live in the small coastal town of Annar Hvor on the other side of a dense forest. You are rarely bothered with the politics of the capital. Your community is a small but diverse one. It is where people come to escape their past, others to build a new one. Even some of the rarer races, such as the giants and rootwalkers, have made it their home.

The biggest problem you face is a small band of goblins. Originally, they were simply stealing chickens and occasionally killing a farmer’s dog. It recently escalated though when a small child was found dead in a field, her throat slit by a jagged knife. The townsfolk are demanding action.

Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts

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